Travel has destroyed my life. That first road trip across the country got me hooked. I was just going to take an innocent “break” from college; years later I was still zig-zagging my way through the mountains, and the prairies, and the oceans.

Travel will destroy you too.  Take this as a warning; don’t believe the glossy brochures.  You will get lost, embarrassed, sad, and confused. But you will also be thrilled and giddy,  forever changed, haunted; and inevitably wanting more

I am a waitress and a massage therapist, but really, I’m a traveler.

People’s passions are particular. 

Mine happens to be travel, and newly, writing about travel.

I hope you enjoy some of my stories.  I consider each one, like myself, a work in progress.

Thanks for visiting and I welcome your feedback.

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